Transform data into clear, actionable information.

Our simple, robust tools help with planning actions and tracking progress toward healthier water resources and their supporting ecosystems.

2NFORM products are purpose-built to simplify data collection while expanding the utility of monitoring programs. Our custom-built models help land managers make informed decisions, prioritize needed actions, and communicate the benefits.


Monitoring Optimization

We can’t measure natural system variables everywhere, all the time. And we can’t continue to collect data simply for the sake of monitoring. 2NFORM designs hypothesis-driven monitoring networks that ensure the measurements, spatial coverage, sampling frequency, and analytics appropriately inform management decisions. Our data collection techniques range from in-house-built passive water sampling devices, to custom-coded algorithms that process satellite images—all designed to provide cost-effective ways to isolate and quantify the effectiveness of management actions.

Custom-built rain simulator
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Standardized Assessments

2NFORM rapid assessment methods are standardized, objective, and repeatable data-collection tools. Anyone with a day of training can generate precise results, in formats that are easy to understand and communicate. Using statistical methods, our technical applied scientists ensure that RAM results are direct measures of effective land management. RAMs allow meaningful data to be generated over a larger area, with a higher frequency, than traditional water monitoring. The comparability and spatial context makes them far more useful than typical list-based reporting—and more interpretable than massive constituent concentration datasets.

Quantified Change

Understanding patterns in watersheds changes is often confounded by the tremendous variability of uncontrollable factors, like rainfall, temperature, or season. By characterizing these sources of variation and using them in combination with analytical and numeric models, we isolate the relevant signal of change due to effective management. Our models are no more complex than needed in order to provide defensible results for the intended use—which improves usability, reduces costs, and minimizes predictive uncertainty. The outcome is a greater capacity for inferring changes over time that are the result of effective land management actions.


Summer meadow greenness comparison pre/post stream restoration using free satellite imagery
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Track Progress

Natural-resource managers need to know if their actions are working—and if they’re on track to reach their goals. They also need planning tools to help them evaluate alternatives and adapt their actions in light of ever-changing constraints and opportunities. 2NFORM web-based platforms facilitate data standardization, expand the information available to managers, and eliminate the traditional “silo-ing” of information into obsolete databases and tedious, forgotten reports.

We bring transparent science to land managers that empowers them to plan, assess, quantify, and communicate the environmental benefits of effective and sustainable actions. We hope these tools are used to manage our earth for future generations

   2NFORM Team