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Stormwater Management

Introducing a revolutionary path to more efficient annual reporting to demonstrate compliance.
Stormwater management can be a murky, complex process. From collecting data, to reporting progress, to meeting state and federal regulations—all while working within a constrained budget—stormwater managers are challenged every step of the way.

2NFORM is radically changing that. Our stormwater suite provides a science-based, holistic approach to tracking and planning. It lets users visually monitor progress that is area-specific, load-specific, and time-specific, and then create compliant annual reports for sharing with regulators, funders, and other stakeholders. Results are objective, easy to replicate—and clearly defensible.

When used in tandem,
the suite of stormwater tools provide:

An efficient and reliable reporting mechanism to meet
MS4 permit requirements.

An objective method to target areas to maximize benefits with limited program resources.

Technology that requires very little training, minimizing staff turnover impacts.

Data access, privacy and security; in perpetuity.

Watershed Management

Surface and groundwater resources are interconnected—and how we choose to manage them directly impacts water quantity and quality, ecosystem habitats, and human water use. 2NFORM’s proven monitoring and modeling concepts take a holistic approach that is highly effective, as they rely on the best-available understanding of the cause-and-effect links between land management and watershed health.

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